.no . title .. here …

your ……. face against┬áthe bruised air between my quiet mind and the raging storm …. panic .. desire …….. pain and wishful logic slowly … then … more rapidly.. pursuing its decay into the ground where i …………………………….. wait heavy in my heels .

haikus, 2 of them

my wake centered on my back crippled by unconsciousness he places a kiss my run breath rising with the sun footsteps in opposition to the northwest wind

no shallow glass bowl required. / the plumeria.

find a shallow glass bowl of any non color with any power of translucency place it on a contrasting surface merely for preparation this shallow glass bowl could comfortably accommodate 3 apples a pear and an apricot this shallow glass bowl should persuade the fruits to mingle yet permit them room enough to ripen however […]

invitation lost

existing in halves one foot in the sand one boot in the snow full and void rarely a windless day and so the sky celebrates releasing a net of frozen confetti invisible birds trill yet even their complaints sound of a pleasantly generic playlist icy fists hide in pockets ready for the surprise! dry eyes […]


it was our privilege to watch la bamba in the master bedroom our preteen bellies full of linguine with canned clam sauce prone posed and upside down on the queen meant for three princesses screech singing unknowingly incorrectly lalalalalalabamba lalalalalalabamba at the top of our lungs hearts tonsils gasping over the sudden and fatal coin […]

my mind mine

i am in every room eclectic functions grounded purpose my vulnerable brain unruly mind neglecting to preheat the oven succumbing to the chorus that’s been following me for days one by one my impotent blood disobedient cells failing to dream on my hands yielding to the criss cross breeze and an adequate book for a […]

haiku ii

lust by the throat full with a wet hop aggression bourbon on our tongues

decisions decisions

a somber run but a fine speed off to the side lost in my breath’s greed at quite some distance many paces behind ding ding dingdingdingding ding an utterly obnoxious interruption of mind not in your way not a soul to compete with “BOOM BOOM BABY” tongue click he shifts into fifth THIS IS WHY […]

the white in the white

heading south i see her approaching by borrowed bicycle white earbuds white capri pants white breezy bob pedaling to the rhythm section of her chin to teeth to florescent gum “good morning” a smile a little girl’s hopefulness an old woman’s modest satisfaction of self white teeth unabashed i needed that to run faster to […]

we three

they rest on the surface of me granting my entry into the most sacred of places a surprising density with neither mass nor saturation i wake every day to watch them settle in more and more and more please more one a tight fold into contemplation two a delicate containment bursting about the skin three […]