Eve Rounds

the acrobat

she seems
in that
eye roll
constant displeasure
beknowst to audiences near and far and wide and real
her disappointment in the world on repeat
her disappointment in the world
her disappointment
every sugared onlooker a nuisance
every strewn flower unsatisfactory

oh the suffering!

a martyr announcing her martyrdom
her ambivalent expectations balloon
within the void within herself
not living up
she doesn’t know.
so lacking in self awareness
the queen of looking in all the wrong places
she doesn’t even know
to look for

she has the power to become powerful
but bows out.
of stretching in the wings
the thrill of the stage.
does she even know?
imperfectly executing royal victim
rather than performing the much anticipated
cannonball trick
flourish or fail

she is
in that state
of imbalance and fright
into something
the crowd can’t bear to watch
this variety of
circus act


It isn’t easy being a twin.   Others considered us as one two-part person,  while our parents saw,  in our conspiring, four or more.  


dark morning darkness woke up crying i now embrace the word should. it’s a simple truth. my dad should be with me on my   

27 days ago

i lost you so suddenly too suddenly your blue eyes in a constant state of near tear because you loved life giving us so much

haiku ish

in this direction waves break to the right of me reversing my own current

.no . title .. here …

your ……. face against the bruised air between my quiet mind and the raging storm …. panic .. desire …….. pain and wishful logic slowly …